Our Story

We rise by lifting others.

Others Team 2018

Consumption is inevitable, and not inherently bad, but many companies favor profit over people, over quality, over the environment. At Others, we do things with greater intent. All items from our curated collection are of exceptional quality, with superior design, and sourced from companies transparent in the ways they are helping people. Whether it be through fair trade principles or making giving an integral piece of the product, you can feel good knowing every purchase you make at Others tells a story of giving back to someone in need.

In addition to all this goodness, 100% of our store profit is cheerfully donated to worthy causes, both locally and abroad. We believe the products you purchase have the power to change the world. The clothing you wear, the gifts you buy, the edibles you consume – they can all matter more.  Others is not simply a store; it is a perspective that affects how you choose to live. Join us as we make a positive impact on communities through everyday actions. Shop at Others. Shop to change the world.