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#BlackLivesMatter Vendor Audit

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#BlackLivesMatter Vendor Audit

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police Department officers. The ensuing protests have given the #BlackLivesMatter movement unquestionable and undeniable momentum, causing many business to evaluate their diversity, transparency and relevance in light of this movement. Others is no different; we are a team of five women, built upon the idea of bringing equality and economy to people (specifically women) of color around the world. 

But what about here? What about bringing equality and economy to people of color in Fargo, in North Dakota, and in the United States of America? As we considered this question, we felt moved to conduct an audit of social media actions taken by the vendors and brands we promote through our platform. This audit is in no way comprehensive; it is simply a jumping-off point for us as a store and for us as consumers to create a larger conversation with these brands around inclusivity, social justice and equality. 

Additionally, we are pledging to direct our monthly and annual donations of profit to organizations owned and operated by Black men and women. We will begin this pledge on June 27th and 28th by donating 100% of all SALES (not just profit) to the Black Feminist Project, which you should read more about here. We are excited to pivot our support in this way and hope to grow our giving initiatives, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

This is not the end. Following this initial audit of the vendors Others supports, we will be reaching out to each and every brand, to give them an opportunity to share what they are doing to fight inequality and injustice here in the US. We reserve the right to choose which brands are doing better, and which brands are truly "doing good." Only those brands which we feel meet the high standards Others has set will continue to grace our shelves. We look forward to creating dialogue with our vendors and with our customers on how we can truly live up to our mantra of "Better for you, for the planet, and for OTHERS."

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